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Weed Control

Don’t let your lawn and gardens become overrun by damaging and unsightly weeds. Momentous Impressions will maintain your property for weed control so your lawn and plants aren’t competing with problematic weeds.

Maintaining your lawn is the key to preserving its lushness and beauty and Momentous Impressions employs the best practices to achieve weed-free North Vancouver lawns and gardens. Weed removal from your grass and gardens will serve to intervene from further weed growth, while thorough fertilization will provide your lawn and landscape gardens with essential nutrients.

Eliminating Weeds

We have the skills and expertise to eliminate common weed types by employing a combination of control and preventative measures on your lawn and flower beds. We are conversant with various weed species you might encounter in your area and we are equipped to eradicate and prevent them from producing and chocking out healthy grass and plants from season to season.

Our weed control and weed elimination services are one of Momentous Impressions’ vital features in our lawn care program that can help give you the healthiest lawn in your North Vancouver neighbourhood. We take a proactive approach to ensure weeds, especially unsightly dandelions, don’t deteriorate your curb appeal.

Our Process

Our approach is to focus on preventative maintenance using biological or physical controls and ongoing maintenance, which costs less over time and provides you more long-term enjoyment from your lawn.

For instance, we treat Chafer beetle infestations naturally with nematodes, tiny parasites that enter beetle larvae and kill them. Physical controls consist of grass watering frequency and grass cutting regularity among other things that can reduce the onset of weeds and help keep your lawn lush.

Let’s discuss how we can take care of your lawn and gardens with our weed control and preventative methods.


Our experienced crews have been creating and maintaining exterior landscapes throughout Vancouver and the North Shore since 2008.

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