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Momentous Impressions takes pride in delivering a consistent quality experience for all your landscaping needs.

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Yard & Garden Maintenance

Momentous Impressions Yard & Garden Maintenance services ensure that your outdoor space reflects your vision and personal style. Our expert team of experienced and certified landscapers shares a passion for quality and personalized service unprecedented in the landscape industry.

If your lawn and garden lacks personality and style, we can help transform your green space into an outdoor living space — a stunning oasis and the perfect go-to place for relaxing and entertaining family and friends.

Yard & Garden Best Solutions

We provide landscape solutions to improve the appearance and health of your outdoor spaces and give it the growth-promoting care it requires to thrive. Our specialty is larger, fairly complex gardens and we are equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skills to landscape large expanses.

The Momentous team takes ownership of your property’s landscape and is usually on-site once a week or every two weeks. Our articulate approach and care ensures lasting beauty for your yard and your garden all year long; everything has it’s own time frame and respective process, and we follow proper horticulture practices to safeguard the integrity of your landscaping.

While implementing best practices, a nurturing methodology, and years of knowledge and experience, we work on your garden on an on-going basis, using our expertise to make your maintenance easier over time. Our goal is to work with you over the long-term to maximize continuous progress, (which is more economical) and limit the need for big seasonal overhauls and cleanups, (which is more time consuming and costly).

Personalized Care

At Momentous Impressions our core focus is to add value to your property in everything we do. With attention to value-added landscaping, we’re not just about maintenance, but rather making your yard and garden produce better: superior flowers, improved symmetrical shape, longer-lasting blooms, attentiveness to your lawn, and healthy trees and plants.

Our team is dedicated to the needs of you and your garden and we work with you to achieve your desired goals. We pride ourselves on educating our clients and sharing our knowledge to foster long-term relationships, which is integral to our values and company philosophy. Once we establish a foundation for your space, we encourage you, should you so desire, to exercise your green thumb and be as hands-on as you like, all while under our guidance and support.

Eco-friendly Practices

As certified horticulturalists, our extensive qualifications position us to expertly rejuvenate your lawn and garden in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner. We have an inherent knowledge of proper pesticide application as well as knowledge of alternative methods for treating and preventing pests and disease without the use of chemicals. We keep the building envelope clear so airflow can pass through to avoid algae build-up on your house, and to mitigate pests or rodents. We can spot disease and deficiencies in your plants and we work to keep beds free of debris rather than turning it into mulch, as keeping debris is a bad practice for pests.

You can be confident your outdoor landscaping needs are in the hands of reliable, industry professionals. Let’s discuss how our team can be your trusted provider for all your yard & garden maintenance needs.


Our experienced crews have been creating and maintaining exterior landscapes throughout Vancouver and the North Shore since 2008.

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