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Residential and Commercial Snow Removal & De-icing

When the mercury dips below freezing this winter, don’t let the elements compromise your safety or the well-being of your landscape.

Momentous Impressions provides various snow management services to clients with a contract in place, including salting and de-icing for residential, strata and commercial properties.

Snow Clearing

Specializing in North Vancouver and neighbouring areas, our snow clearing crew will create secure passage in high-traffic areas, mainly stairways, walkways, driveways, alleyways, parking lots and the space around doorways.

Experienced and equipped to meet your needs, our number one priority is to provide good traction to ensure accessibility and the safety of pedestrians and vehicle traffic travelling in and out of your property. Our crew will clear the snow to the side of the working surface area or to a designated space; however, we don’t provide snow removal from the site.

Our on-site services include the use of various equipment and products specific to the applicable areas:

  • Our trucks are outfitted with a front snow plow and rear salter: Parking lots, alleyways
  • Snow blower: Driveways, pathways, stairways
  • Hand shovels: Sidewalks, pathways, stairways
  • Four-foot reflective neon markers: We use snow stakes to mark the edges of sensitive areas, i.e. curbs, edges, corners, vegetation, and speed bumps, etc., that are not visible under the snow to avoid possible damage by equipment; a value-added service for our contract properties
  • Salt: Roadways and parking areas; we don’t recommend salt on pavers or walkways because it can damage the surface (concrete & asphalt)
  • De-icer: Once the snow is cleared, de-icer is applied to driveways, pathways, sidewalks, stairs and walkways; our environmentally-friendly pellet is not harmful to concrete, pets or vegetation


We are proactive in our de-icing approach to prevent slippery conditions from developing. We aim to apply de-icer before any snow falls, which helps prevent the initial layer of ice forming on the pavement.

Black ice is a concern when the temperature dips below -1° C. In such conditions, we automatically dispatch our crew in the evening, so your surface is safe overnight and in the morning. Variables are at play if freezing rain is in the forecast; if the temperature falls below 0° C we will dispatch our crew in the daytime.

We encourage homeowners to purchase bags of eco-friendly de-icer to use for driveways that line vegetation, plus any pathways or stairs. Certain de-icers don’t have an impact on concrete or asphalt, whereas some can deteriorate the sill in concrete, which causes it to become pitted and break up; always read the label to ensure the ingredients aren’t harmful to your surfaces.

Fixed Rate Contracts & Hourly Contracts

We work on both fixed rates and hourly contracts with strata and commercial properties.

  • Time frames: Two-hour minimum for commercial and strata properties and then incrementally after the two-hour minimum
  • Hourly options for snow clearing and deicing
  • Advanced notice: We must be notified by 3pm as our crews start as early as 6pm the same day
  • Strata agreement: Our industry standards for acceptable automated dispatch of crews occurs when three-plus centimetres of snow is forecasted or when temperatures are -1° C or colder overnight, and when black ice conditions are present
  • Individuals can set their own parameters
  • Holiday schedules: Should you be out of town, we set the parameters as per your contract, which gives us permission to automatically dispatch our crew

Winter Landscape Maintenance

We take pride in educating our clients on preventative plant health care so your vegetation will thrive in the upcoming season.

  • DIY clearing: If you experience snowfall in your area, at your earliest opportunity and before it accumulates too much, shake the snow off hedges and plants or use the backside of a broom. Remove snow off the top of plants because the weight will cause them to split
  • Our West Coast snow is typically heavy with a lot of moisture in it, which causes a lot of damage to manicured hedges and breaks branches on plants
  • With ongoing maintenance, we try to work with an articulate horticulture pruning of plants and trees to improve and strengthen the branch structure, which results in stronger vertical branches, and less weaker horizontal branches that tend to snap when under the weight of snow

Momentous Impressions employs best practices to protect your property and help keep you, your employees and your customers safe with our snow clearing and de-icing services. Get a jump on the winter weather and contact us today to discuss our fixed rate or hourly contract.

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Our experienced crews have been creating and maintaining exterior landscapes throughout Vancouver and the North Shore since 2008.

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