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Water Features

Integrating outdoor water features into your residential landscape can serve multiple objectives and elevate the natural aesthetics of your yard and garden.

Momentous Impressions can help transform your outdoor space into an oasis of tranquility by incorporating your choice of materials from a variety of appealing front yard or backyard water features that fits with the composition of your garden and landscape design.

Custom Made and Prefabricated

From natural-looking water features, such as artificial streams or wildlife ponds, to custom-made waterfalls and prefabricated garden fountains, the Momentous team will provide you with the best options that will add an eye-catching visual and soothing ambience to your outdoor space.

With our professional expertise, our Momentous team is inspired to create beauty and harmony in an urban environment that enhances your lifestyle and outdoor enjoyment. We employ strategies to give your yard an atmosphere that allows you to relax in comfort and maximize its full potential throughout the year.

Outdoor fountains can anchor a corner of your yard or provide a stunning focal point, while some pieces simply function as artwork. Lighting plays an important part whether to highlight or add reflection, including underwater lighting, which can add a whole new dimension to your garden water features.

Construction Details and Materials

Momentous Impressions will take care of all the details that are required in building and installing your outdoor water features. From deciding which pump is most suitable, what stone or landscaping is desired for the finishing, to situating water lilies or the appropriate oxidating plants, these nuances all tie into the architecture and design of your newly constructed water feature.

When it comes to material choices, we take into consideration a number of factors dependent on the landscape composition. For example, a stone based water feature would be set with concrete or a fabric liner or plastic tub as a base and then we would design around it. A tub would be suitable in the middle of a garden with a gurgler, a waterproof liner is incorporated if we want to integrate a stream bed or a waterfall, and another option is to use Allan block or stone to build up a water feature and seal it with concrete.

What to Consider When Choosing a Water Feature

When choosing a water feature for your front or backyard space, the following things to consider should include, but are not limited to:

  • Fit your water feature with the composition of your garden; water features are great but not intended for every landscape
  • Choose a suitable location to derive the most benefit from it; options might include seating for viewing or positioned to be viewed from indoors or close to a window to hear the sound of trickling water
  • Low voltage lighting to illuminate the surrounding landscape including underwater sources
  • Safety considerations for pets and young children, particularly for ponds and waterfalls
  • Determine your budget, which will dictate the size of your water feature and the materials used

Our Momentous team will be your full resource for all your questions for your outdoor and garden fountain installations. Let’s discuss how we can best accomplish your water feature and landscaping goals.


Our experienced crews have been creating and maintaining exterior landscapes throughout Vancouver and the North Shore since 2008.

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