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Retaining Walls

Based on your property’s location, and especially those living in North Vancouver’s and West Vancouver’s natural mountainous terrain, your landscape may require transforming rocky, sloping yards into level spaces. Momentous Impressions can transform an unusable space into a beautiful eye-catching area, tier the backyard, or raise a patio to become functional by installing a retaining wall, whether it’s a rock wall, concrete, wood, block, or a stone retaining wall.

Not only will a retaining wall design aid in slope retention but it will also help to control erosion. Momentous Impressions also takes into consideration grading and adequate drainage and we employ best practices (including the most visually appealing and aesthetic elements), to level and stabilize a garden slope by also incorporating specific plants with good root structures.

Retaining Wall Construction

Our team is able to build engineered walls (geosynthetic reinforcing); however, one of the requirements for codes when building walls is that any wall that stands higher than 4 feet (1.21 metres) either needs to be engineered or requires a setback, and we can accommodate both. Wall heights also depend on the site conditions, for example, soil types and characteristics. We use Geomesh™ to help improve the stability of the wall, which easily conforms to shifting soil conditions without losing structural support.

Types of Retaining Wall Material

Momentous Impressions builds a variety of retaining walls, which include:

  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Basalt stone (dry stacked or set with mortar) small 4 to 6 inch up to basalt boulder 100 lbs.-plus
  • Pisa/Allan block

Consumers should take into consideration a combination of aspects including aesthetics and price among other variables with respect to retaining walls.

Choose specific materials based on strength and durability i.e. concrete in an area instead of natural stone. Capture the rustic look with natural stone; however, it may not suit every environment, as it might not be structural enough to hold the intended landscape.

Depending on the intention of the wall, we always recommend the most suitable material to provide you the most value for what’s intended. For example, if the wall is hidden, you probably don’t want to use an expensive stone, but rather it might be best in wood. If it’s a big feature modern wall, we recommend concrete, and if it’s more rustic, we suggest stone.

When choosing a retaining wall material consider how it will tie into your overall landscaping, its suitability to specific areas, and the pros and cons of each retaining wall design.

  • Stone: Pros ­­– range of sizes, durable, aesthetically beautiful; Cons ­– considered costly, possible drainage issues overtime
  • Wood: Pros – natural look, eye-pleasing, cost effective; Cons – must be treated; susceptible to pests, limited life-span, i.e. wood rot overtime
  • Concrete (poured and blocks): Pros – variety, modern aesthetic, flexibility, colour options, durable; Cons – can be susceptible to crack without proper support

You can be confident your garden wall and landscape retaining wall are in the hands of reliable, industry professionals. Let’s discuss how our team can be your trusted provider for all your retaining wall landscaping construction needs.


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