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Lawn & Turf Installation

If your new build requires a lawn installation or your current lawn is looking weak or damaged, Momentous Impressions can install a fresh lush new lawn so you can enjoy the natural feel of grass underneath your feet and expand the usable space in your backyard.

New sod installation can be done any time of the year with good irrigation, although generally it’s best in spring or fall; however, there may be limitations dependent on weather conditions, for example a drought or heavy snow.

Once our Momentous team comes to install your new lawn, you must stay off the grass initially, and then reduce heavy traffic for the first one to two weeks. After the first lawn cut, we will test how the roots are taking and then you can resume normal activity on your new grass installation.

You’ll want to keep your new lawn in top shape, and our Momentous maintenance program can help you with ongoing care requirements. If your property is located on a boulevard, weeds can become an issue as passing cars can turn up a lot of airborne weed seeds. Weed seeds can even travel from your neighbour’s weed eater. Connect with our maintenance team to get on one of our maintenance plans to keep weeds under control and your landscaped garden thriving.

Turf Installation

Tired of mowing, fertilizing and maintaining your lawn? Have Momentous Impressions install synthetic grass so your property looks great without all the hassle and extra hard work.

Our Momentous team will take care of your turf installation, which can be applied in any area of your property. There are no restrictions; however, we prefer machine access for installation, although if it’s a small-sized area we can always hand dig the space.

Call it synthetic grass, astro turf, or fake grass, but regardless of the label you prefer, you’re going to have a green and pristine looking lawn that will provide years of enjoyment, whatever your lifestyle needs.

10 Benefits of Artificial Grass

  • Durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Pet friendly
  • Environmentally friendly; manageable and sustainable
  • Pest and disease resistant (no Chafer beetle)
  • Better drainage than authentic grass
  • Realistic looking grass
  • Growing conditions not applicable (works in areas where real grass might not grow i.e. shade or high moist areas)
  • Can be used immediately after installation
  • No weight restrictions (heavy cars, trucks, equipment)

Lifestyle Options for Artificial Grass

Just like choosing an area rug for your indoor space, the options and features are dependent on your personal preference, your lifestyle needs, and intended use.

  • If you’re looking to add cushion (because your kids play and roll around a lot), we can install a foam membrane that adds a layer of softness.
  • Your ROI is greater; it may have more upfront costs i.e. installation, however, your artificial turf won’t require fertilizing, seasonal lawn repair, or pest control, and plus potential water restrictions won’t be an issue.
  • Great for recreations use, e.g. putting greens. We can tailor the length and texture from short to long and everything in between.
  • Pet pee sand is used to absorb odours and prevent smells.
  • Good for trampoline placement and young kids.
  • Works well in areas with poor drainage.
  • Provides additional parking; drive on it or park a boat.

Your backyard year-round retreat awaits. Let’s discuss how we can best accomplish your lawn and turf installation to achieve your landscaping goals.


Our experienced crews have been creating and maintaining exterior landscapes throughout Vancouver and the North Shore since 2008.

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