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Hardscapes & Lighting

When space planning for your outdoor landscape, Momentous Impressions can improve the function and beauty of your existing yard by incorporating solid inanimate elements known as hardscapes, such as walkways, stone accents, or patios for relaxing or entertaining family and friends.

The hardscapes act as the framework in your landscape project, which are the first components we install and are the structures that help make a personal statement and provide balance with your yard’s soft features.

Types of Hardscapes

Our expert team is qualified to install a variety of hard surface features into your landscape while keeping sustainability in mind, like sourcing locally made products and integrating repurposed materials.

The following are some of the features we provide for your hardscape design and landscaping project:

  • Concrete driveways with finishes: options include brushed, smooth, exposed aggregate, and stamped.
  • Retaining wall construction: provides stability such as a low border around a terrace or flower bed; also adds interest to an otherwise flat landscape and controls erosion.
  • Landscape edging: prevents elements from overlapping and provides a finished look to your yard.
  • Water features: installation of fountains, ponds and waterfalls; custom-made and prefabricated.
  • Stairs and treads: more than merely providing access, steps add beauty by combining form and function. Custom stone treads are usually naturally sawn stone to create a more natural look. If you have a lot of concrete walls it’s aesthetically pleasing to break it up with stone stairs. The goal is that the landscape is seamless and integrated together; a natural look rather than industrial.
  • Patio construction: flagstone, brick, stamped concrete and concrete pavers in various colours and patterns.
  • Walkways and stone landscaping: paving stone, stepping-stones, flagstone, concrete (poured, slab, coloured or textured).

3 Ways we Install Patios and Walkways

  • We set pavers on sand (considered a floating paver).
  • We set pavers on concrete (firm hardscape).
  • We install pavers on a pedestal when you require underneath drainage. For example, instead of setting pavers on sand or concrete we set them on plastic wedges i.e. pedestals, and then install the entire patio on top of them.

Hardscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting provides a dramatic way to accent your hardscape landscaping and extend the time you enjoy your outdoor space.

Momentous Impressions often integrates lighting into hardscape features to highlight various components, whether to create a specific mood, integrate a safe passage for walkways, steps and driveways or to leverage security.

If we install a concrete wall, for example, we might embed lighting directly into the wall to illuminate a specific area for function and effect or we may incorporate lighting along a pathway whether it’s set into the pavers or integrated with the landscape.

To effectively set the mood, we provide low voltage lighting systems, such as garden lights, which can help to accentuate feature plants and focal points, or to create a romantic ambience. To help minimize your carbon footprint, we suggest LED landscape lighting, because the bulbs maintain a longer life and reduce your electrical consumption.

Additionally, our well-positioned landscape lighting provides an excellent ROI because it improves curb appeal, as well as creates a memorable impression when viewed by prospective buyers.

Let’s discuss how we can best accomplish your hardscape installations and lighting needs to achieve your landscaping goals.


Our experienced crews have been creating and maintaining exterior landscapes throughout Vancouver and the North Shore since 2008.

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