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Excavation & Grading

Momentous Impressions takes pride in delivering a consistent quality experience for all your landscaping needs.

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Excavation & Grading

New lot preparation is just one of our services under the umbrella of excavating and grading for residential new builds, renovations or landscape improvements.

Momentous Impressions will prepare your site for installation, which covers everything from initial excavation to finish grading with our landscape and/or hardscape services.

Whether you require site prep for concrete installation or grading landscape for plant installation, we create a foundation and build a framework for your property.

A properly formed grade is extremely important to direct the water away from your home and neighbouring property. If grading is not done accurately, an improperly formed grade can lead to damages to your home’s foundation.

We specialize in site prep services for single-family detached homes for landscape installation. We remove debris or defects from your landscape to give you the opportunity for the best use of your space.

Our experienced team of dedicated professionals will ensure all of all your landscape excavation and landscape grading needs, including lawn levelling to ensure proper drainage, are met on time and on budget.

If you would like more information about excavation and grading landscape, we’d love to hear from you. Let’s discuss how we can best prepare your site for your landscape installations to achieve your residential property goals.


Our experienced crews have been creating and maintaining exterior landscapes throughout Vancouver and the North Shore since 2008.

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